Be A 4S Volunteer

Help Keep Your Local Community Safe.

Trained 4S Volunteers monitor the reporting portal responding to input and making sure important information is routed to the proper agencies promptly. They do it from their own homes, local libraries, coffee shops, or just about anywhere with Internet access.

Many volunteers are stay-at-home moms, retired professionals and college students who need to fill organizational requirements for community service. Others are off-duty police officers, firefighters and EMS professionals who have a vested interest in helping keep their local communities safe in their spare time. Many companies even allow their office personnel to help along with their normal daily job duties. But, we welcome ANYONE who can help!

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Minimum requirements:
  1. Acceptance based on need in your local area
  2. Must be 18 or older
  3. Willing to sign a legally binding Privacy Agreement
  4. Able to commit to at least 4 hours per/Month
  5. Have an SMS capable phone number
  6. Unlimited text and long distance is recommended
  7. Have a PC or MAC with Internet Access
  8. Submit to a standard background check
  9. No felony convictions or pending charges
  10. Able to verify US citizenship and residency requirements
  11. Willing to complete required training and apprenticeship

Getting Started...

Before you will be given access to the 4S Control Center, you will need to complete the basic requirements. One of the most important of these requirements is to clear a standard background check conducted by The 4S Project and its data partners. This background check is very similar to one used in a pre-employment or one completed prior to your renting or leasing a house. Due to the sensitive nature of some account holders, corporate or governmental clients may require additional evaluation before you will be allowed to process their reports. 4S account holders have the right to deny any volunteer from processing their reports for any reason they deem necessary. The cost of all checks is paid for by The 4S Project.

Once you have cleared the minimum requirements to become a volunteer, you will be paired with another experienced 4S volunteer. This person will function as your mentor until he/she is confident you are prepared to do the tasks required of you. Following, you will be paired with a second mentor until he/she feels you are adequately trained. This two-layer training method helps to assure you have the necessary training and resources to function on your own.

Working On Your Own

Currently, the 4S routing system automatically handles and routes over 85% of all reports with no human intervention at all. You will never see or have access to that information. Your role is only to monitor the alerts and report queue for issues that could not be automatically handled within your local assigned geographical area, and then see that those reports are promptly assigned and the right people are alerted.

In some cases, the artificial intelligence system may prompt you to actually call the necessary agency and notify them of the report. For example, if an imminent threat to harm a person or public place is received, the system will automatically give you a report number and phone number to call the local or jurisdictional police department.

From that point on, it's just a matter of monitoring your 4S Dashboard for reports. You don't even need to set in front of your computer feeling like you are watching paint dry. You just need to be able to access your Dashboard immediately, as when a report is received requiring your attention, we'll send you a text message alerting you. It's the easiest volunteering commitment you can make, and it is also one of the most important tasks you can do as you are a key element in helping to keep your local community as safe as possible.


"Will my identity be exposed?"
No. Persons making a report will see only your 4S ID Number and a generic first name such as "Jane", "Cathy", "Chris" or "John" which will be verified to not be in conflict with your real name.

"I'm not comfortable handling sensitive or graphic information."
You won't. The 4S intelligence routing features handles all reported information in a very careful way. Your role is simply to acknowledge receipt of a report and verify it was delivered to the appropriate entity. If manual handling of sensitive information is necessary, the report is routed to internal 4S Project staff for review and processing.


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