Bring Your Community Together

Your community can be your single most valuable resource for feedback and information. Your 4S Community account builds TRUST and CREDIBILITY between your government agencies and community members.

Someone always knows "something". You've heard it a million times, but it's true! Unfortunately, an informant may not want his or her identity known, and may sometimes resist speaking up from concerns for personal safety. That is where The 4S Project anonymous reporting tools can help.

CrimeStopper Integration

Setup an anonymous 4S CrimeStopper portal quickly and easily. If you already have an existing reporting website, your 4S Portal can integrate seamlessly allowing you to leverage additional 4S discovery features with each report.

School Resource Integration

Help keep your local schools safer with AI social media and public Internet monitoring. The 4S AI engine monitors all public social media and websites for potential threats and developing safety risks. When risks or threats are deteced, your customized 4S Artificial Intelligence sensors can instantly notify the appropriate resources.

Interact With Your Community

Keeping your community in the loop builds trust and cooperation. Your 4S Portal makes engaging your community simple with SMS based PUSH notifications, voice message alerts and more.

Interactive Community Engagement

Targeted notification tools help you keep your community members engaged with relevant information. The 2-way SMS interaction tools allow community members to reply to alerts and important information instantly from their SMS enabled phone or device.

Access Anywhere.

Access your 4S Community from anywhere and while "on-the-go". The 4S cloud-based Artificial Intelligence completes all of the heavy lifting, leaving you free to go on with your daily tasks. When a risk or threat is detected in your area, your staff can be notified instantly by SMS text message and take prompt action using the fully mobile compliant web portal.

Integrated Communities.

All 4S Communities can interact and share intelligence with neighboring Communities while retaining full control over what information is shared and with whom. Local emergency agencies can interact with other enrolled county, state or federal level agencies at the click of a button.

100% Cloud Based, No APPS to Install or Keep Updated.

Timing may be critical in mitigating threats in your community making APP version management impractical. That is why all critical operating features of The 4S Project are entirely cloud-based, leaving you free to do what you need to do without the need for constantly updating APPS on your devices.

Your 4S Community account includes a branded cross-platform APP specific to your community for non-emergency employees and community patrons to use.

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