Common Questions

Community FAQs

"Why do you not disclose who uses your system?"

For legal reasons. Each agency electing to engage our service as a reporting tool, manages and controls their own portal. To protect the integrity of the system, and our subscribers, we include in our Usage Agreements a "Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement" that legally prohibits us from exposing the identity of subscribers, and, prohibits the subscriber from exposing our proprietary intelligence and information gathering technology.

"Isn't this really just law enforcement agencies trying to spy on us?"

Absolutely not. In fact, currently law enforcement agencies are a very small portion of those using our reporting system. Secondly, they can't use it to spy on you because they ONLY have access to those areas in which they subscribe, and, in which has been detected as a potential threat. Our system is designed to prevent the access of information which does not directly affect the subscriber. With the exception of the registered sex offender database (which is public record anyway) no person can do blind searches in the 4S system. Accessing any file is restricted to those persons who are responding to a potential or reported threat.

"What if I'm more comfortable reporting my concern to a real person?"

You Can. You can always call your local police department or you can find phone numbers for most state level agencies in any phone book. You can also use the Live Chat feature on the 4S website. Just look for the icon in the lower-left of your screen while on the 4S website (or in the 4S APP) and click on it. The live chat feature is manned by 4S staff and specially trained volunteers whenever they are available. If no one is available on the Live Chat, you can leave a message and it is instantly forwarded to on-call staff who can respond to you.

"When I report something to a school, is law enforcement notified?"

Not Necessarily. Each agency who uses the 4S Reporting System controls how reports are handled and routed. Although most do not, a school CAN elect to automatically forward certain high risk reports to other agencies.

"Why would I want to expose my identity?"

For many reasons. Your identity is always protected by the 4S system, and is never shared with anyone without your consent. Even when it is shared, it is legally and contractually protected by the school or agency and may only be used to gather additional information about your report.

"Am I REALLY anonymous?"

Yes, unless you choose otherwise. When you report something to the "Say Something" tool, by default we do not collect any identifiable information about you. You should be aware, however, that your device does report some non-identifiable information about your connection to the Internet, which the 4S system logs. This information is related to your Internet connection and can not be used to identify you personally.

"How do I know if I've exposed my identity?"

Look at the top of your screen. When you use the "Say Something" tool, there is always a banner at the top of your screen. If the banner is GREEN, the 4S system has not acquired any personally identifiable information about you. If the banner turns RED, you have agreed to expose one or more personally identifiable items about yourself.

"How can I be sure I'm reporting to the REAL 4S Project and not an imposing service?"

Always check the domain name. Always make sure any link takes you to our official domain. If any domain shows up in your browser other than "4SProject.org, you should NOT report your information as the website may be attempting to intercept unauthorized information.

"Can I sponsor my local school district so it has access to advanced 4S protection features?"

Of course. There is a very powerful suite of services that can greatly enhance the safety of any school or organization. Unfortunately, these services are much too expensive for us to offer for free. If you want to help your local school be safer using our premium services, you can certainly sponsor them yourself. Costs for most premium based features is only $49 p/month for each school location, so if you would like to sponsor your child's school, just let us know by CONTACTING US HERE.

Agency FAQs

"What agencies are eligible to have a 4S account?"

Most entities are eligible. The whole point of the "See Something, Say Something" tools provided by the 4S Project is to get important information into the hands of the right people quickly. In general, our system is mostly utilized by schools, law enforcement agencies, casinos and large companies but we also have much smaller companies, restaurants, night clubs, etc... who use the tool.

"What is the process to start my school or organization?"

It's very simple. Obviously, we first verify that you are eligible to have a 4S reporting portal. Once we verify eligibility, you'll be sent a special link by e-mail that guides you through the setup process. In most cases, you can completely setup your organization and reporting portal in less than 30 minutes. Once you have your configuration completed the way you want it, one of our 4S Security Team members will contact you to test the notification process, conduct a brief training session and then your account will be taken out of Sandbox Mode and ready for live usage.

"How do I know if an entity is in the 4S network?"

Look for the 4S Logo. As a part of our Terms of Use, links to any 4S Project reporting portal is required to originate from one of our approved logos. The logo is a blue square with "4S" in the middle of it.

"Is there a cost to my entity?"

Basic reporting is 100% FREE. Obviously, it costs us money to run the BOTs and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology necessary to detect potential threats via social media and the Internet. We offset the costs of those services by offering additional monitoring and detailed geographical activity reports that are very valuable in knowing what is going on in your community. That said, all of our additional services are optional and very reasonably priced.

"How can I find out who uses the 4S system?"

Just look for the logo. Any entity using our system is required to represent their reporting tool with our official 4S logo. This is in our Terms of Use, and any agency violating this rule is subject to having their portal deactivated.

"Why is my entity required to use the 4S logo?"

Consistency. When anyone sees the numbers 9-1-1, they know that is a number they can call anywhere and report an emergency. Likewise, because of our broad coverage, when they see the 4S logo, they know that is a safe place for them to "Say Something" and remain completely anonymous. In order for a See Something, Say Something campaign to be as successful as possible, we have to promote a universal recognition logo so that anyone, in any town, can see it and know immediately where to go to "Say Something".

"Can I advertise my company on the 4S platform?"

On a limited basis. We don't want to polute the effectiveness of our amazing tool, so we do limit the quantity of ads. That said, the 4S platform has been maticulously developed over the past 4 years to be as streamlined and low cost as possible. One of the ways we offset the high costs of offering the service is to allow you to advertise on the free user portal on a limited basis. We DO NOT allow e-mail or SMS advertising, only website ads. For more information on advertising opportunities, CONTACT US.

Billing FAQs

"What's the cost?"

Basic services are always FREE. There is NEVER a cost for anyone to "See Something, Say Something". The whole purpose of the 4S platform is to get the information quickly and save lives. We will NEVER charge for that service. That said, the truth is, there are no free lunches. It is expensive to operate our technology, so we offset that cost by charging a small fee for discovery reports and other optional services.

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