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Community Intelligence

With over 2,000 active geo-sensors across the United States and abroad, our advanced AI monitors social media trends for threats keyed to your local geographic area and instantly alerts you when a potential threat is detected.

Person Search

Easily search for people or add them to your personal watchlist and be instantly notified when they are discovered. Search by name, address, social media identity, nearest neighbor or even using a tattoo description from over 3,000,000 indexed tattoos.

4S Analyst Assisttm

Streamline investigations with your live analyst. Your analyst can quickly secure online content, locate persons of interest or perform urgent tasks to expedite your field investigations, preserve evidence and all with just a phone call from you.

Emergency Preparedness

Our team of experienced emergency services personnel works with your staff to build emergency preparedness plans tailored to your organization, train your staff and then keep your plans updated with new requirements.

Endpoint Security

Fully managed endpoint security to provide organizational network and anti-virus protection with easy "hands-off" deployment. Manage your own protection or let our expert staff keep your devices safe from viruses, malware, ransomware and other network threats.

Visitor Kiosks

Track visitors with check-in and check-out kiosks that are fully HMTL5 compliant and can be easily implemented on virtually any device. Acquire photos, cross-check against registered sex offender databases, and print vistor badges at the point of entry.

SRO Toolboxtm

Tools specifically for School Resource Officers allowing your SRO to easily collaborate with administrators, track safety threats, discipline, infractions, "at risk" students and refresh staff background checks all pre-installed on an included Android tablet.

Vape Detection

Fully automated VAPE detection alerts you instantly via SMS any time vapor or other malicious activity is detected in areas where cameras or microphones are prohibited such as restrooms, dressing rooms and other sensitive areas.

4-PAWStm K9 Services

Fully managed drug dog sweeps and activities help keep your patrons safe and reduce your liability exposure for on-premise drug trafficing with randomized schedules to assure effective searches.


Get the most relevant intelligence for your local area. Our advanced AI automatically localizes and filters out information not related to your area allowing you to stay in touch with threats and potential security violations in your community.


Protected with military grade encryption, our advanced AI allows you to manage investigations and critical information with the highest level of protection. Our proprietary dual-encrypted communications system allows you to share and communicate with field investigators and informants in complete secrecy.

High Availability

Having important information at your fingertips helps your analysts, agents and officers respond quickly to tips and detected security threats. Your optimized advanced AI engine is always ready to respond to your requests using our secure mobile APP, web portal or 2-Way SMS so you always have the information and tools you need anywhere you need them.

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