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In the wake of recent tragic events, don't fall victim to the sales hype for solutions that are expensive and simply don't work. If you are a public or private school district, learn the truths about protecting your staff and students.


Our Community AI monitors your neighborhood for threats and crime trends and alerts your local watchgroup immediately when protective action is needed.


Financial fraud is on the rise. Our Financial AI monitors for fraudulent behaviors and alerts your bank or financial institution when threats are detected.


Whether you are running for office or are responsible for a political region, you need to know what is being said about you. Our Political AI is there with advanced monitoring and analytics.

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Why "Panic Button APPS" Alone Aren't Enough

The problem is too large for a single solution. We must employ every option and tool available to address these threats. Furthermore, we should be forming partnerships with all solutions and working together to keep our children and loved ones safe. Each solution brings specific strengths and weaknesses, but, if we work together we can make a positive impact on public safety. The 4S Project welcomes and invites productive partnerships with other solutions and are committed to working cooperatively by making our data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and communication APIs available to any solution that compliments the common goal of keeping our communities safe.

Mass Shootings Can Be Prevented

Regardless of where you stand on the gun control debate, the fact is many of these situations can be prevented. In fact, we do it every single day! Our proprietary artificial intelligence has been over five years in development, has undergone extensive testing and has proven to be effective in detecting and intercepting threats to our public and private schools WITHOUT compromising anyone's confidentiality or rights to freedom of speech. It really is a unique and solid solution to a global threat to our community and personal safety.

About Us

We are the original "See Something, Say Something" solution. Our services were born in the wake of school shootings beginning in 2015 to help detect threats to our schools and help mitigate those events before they come to a tragic end. Since then, we've had remarkable success in streamlining the detection process while preserving the privacy of our community members.

Our advanced intelligence engine is trusted by agencies across the United States such as:

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • District Attorneys and court systems
  • Public and private school districts
  • Multi-national corporations
  • Political campaigns
  • Casinos and financial institutions
  • And more...

To do that, we've assembled a fully dynamic suite of community threat detection products tailored to specific service areas. Our base suite includes:

  • Enhanced community threat detection
  • Real-Human and artificial threat Analysts
  • In-Person and online threat assessment training
  • "At Risk" person identification

The AI Buzz Word

Many solutions claim to have "AI" these days. But, many times the term "AI" is grossly misrepresented. We have spent nearly 10 years developing true Artificial Intelligence that actually grows, thinks and matures by constantly analyzing millions of data points every single day.

Our advanced AI then uses these data elements to educate itself on how to think like a real person. Our AI can even understand logic and sentiment, which allows it to actually see a conflict developing and automatically take steps to notify you BEFORE a threat leads to a tragic end. So please, put us to the test! Call us today to schedule a live demo of how our enhanced technology can help protect you and your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a law enforcement agency?

    No. The 4S Project is not owned or operated by any law enforcement agency. We do not share information with law enforcement unless a direct threat to the safety of any person or group is implied, our gathered intelligence implies a direct threat to the safety or exploitation of a child, or, we are otherwise required by law to do so. In such case, we leverage the Good Samaritan Law and the Wistleblower Act to protect the identities of all parties to the best of our ability.

    That said, our platform is open to most entity types and many law enforcement agencies do use our platform in the same capacity as any other organization with regards to monitoring their respective regions.

  • Individuals are not eligible for platform access. Chartered neighborhood watch groups can use our platform to monitor their local watch areas and are subject to geographical and other restrictions. All accounts are subject to verification of eligibility and must have legal authority to enter into a confidentiality agreement and acceptable use contracts. Violation of any platform agreements, contract or rules will result in your access being immediately terminated without notice.

  • Absolutely. Many corporate and small businesses use part or all of our services to assist them in keeping their work environment safe. Knowing what is being said in your community about you and your business can help you keep your patrons engaged and happy. Our entire suite is available to businesses of any size.

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