The 4S "Be Prepared Campaign 2020"

Having your school, church or organization properly prepared for a threatening event is no longer an option, it is now a necessity.

Our goal for 2020 is to see that EVERY workplace in the United States is fully prepared on how to react to a safety threat. That is a lofty goal, and that is why The 4S Project is proud to annouce we have now teamed with experienced, credentialed and career law enforcement officers to help you stay aware of developing potential threats in your community, and, to assure your agency is ready to react should the unthinkable happen.


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Our Innovative Approach

Simply telling you where weaknesses are isn't enough. Furthermore, the idea that a panic button APP alone will magically get you prepared for an incident is both irresponsible and impractical. Your 4S team will take it MANY steps further to assure your organization is fully prepared.

Our innovative approach to readiness engages not just your organization, but your entire community. Our team of experienced law enforcement professionals will leverage our Threat Analysts and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to not only design a custom plan for your individual needs, but also analyze online and social media trends unique to your geographic environment.

Meanwhile, your assessment team will work with you and your staff, in person and one-on-one, to evaluate your existing security plans and improve those plans to leave no stone unturned. Our team will also assist you in conducting real-world drills and mock incidents to further prepare your staff, local law enforcement and first responder teams on how to react when seconds count. We don't use "cookie-cutter" plans or "off the shelf solutions". Most threats are unique to your local community and organization. That is why each plan is tailored specifically to you! This comprehensive approach assures your organization is fully prepared for virtually any emergency scenario.

Take Prepardness To A New Level

On average, our team spends over 80 man-hours building a unique plan. This isn't a one plan fits all approach. Best of all, your project manager will handle the plan development process from start to finish, and will work with you and your staff directly in a carefully coordinated and systematic way. From assessing your premise physcial layout and traffic flows, to working with your local media, to detailed planning sessions with your regional law enforcement and first responder teams, it's all done for you.

Working with your staff and community is a core part of an effective readiness plan. Your project manager will work as needed one-on-one with your administrative teams, counselors, facility management, parent groups, first responders and outside agencies to maximize the effectivness of your plan. Then, your planning team will coordinate with you to conduct round-table as well as actual lock-down and evacuation drills to test your plan and tweak any weaknesses discovered. Your 4S team will continue this process until your plan is at its peak effictiveness.

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Experience Meets Technology

There are a number of ways one can plan for an incident. By far, the most effective way is to leverage experience from resources who have not only been there, but, also have the insight and tools to engage modern technology to stop tragic incidents before they happen.

A vast majority of tragic incidents over the past years have had indicating factors. In most cases, social media was used to post manifestos and developing threats that should have prevented these horrific scenarios from happening. Unfortunately, many of these indicators went un-noticed or were never acted upon.

The 4S Project has spent years developing efficient montioring and innovative technology that both respects personal privacy while detecting and flagging potential security threats. But, we don't stop there! Effective use of technology requires leveraging experienced and dedicated human resources that have the unique ability to marry technology into practicality. That approach is what sets The 4S Project incident prevention plans aside from others available. Take the steps today to leverage our technology and experience to help keep your organization out of the news and your patrons safe.

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