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4S Communities

Our Community Edition is a great tool for Neighborhood Watch programs, Parent-Teacher Associations or communities of any size needing to make sure potential threats, suspicious behaviors or other important neighborhood information gets to the right person in a timely manner.

All of the tools needed to communicate with your neighborhood is in one easy to access Portal. Best of all, there are no required APPs to install or keep current. Everything you need is in one simple place to:

Alert Your Neighbors

Instantly send SMS text alerts to your subscribed neighbors for suspicious behaviors or important neighborhood information.

Identify Sex Offenders

See all registered sex offenders in your neighborhood and receive SMS text alerts when new offenders are detected in your area.

Say Something

Report suspicious activity and potential threats to subscribed law enforcement agencies, schools, churches and businesses. You can even remain completely anonymous if you choose.

Maybe Even Earn Cash Rewards

In many cases, local law enforcement agencies offer rewards for information leading the resolution of a crime.

Keep alerts and communications local.

Need to alert your neighbors to that suspicious looking car that keeps circling the block late at night?

4S Community automatically limits alerts and information to only neighbors within your pre-defined geographical area. You can even optionally automatically send a copy of the alert to locally subscribed law enforcement agencies, schools and businesses in one single action.

Easy community interaction.

Because all alerts are SMS based, they arrive directly on your phone like any other text message you send eliminating the need to start 3rd party APPs. Every SMS text alert contains a special short link that allows any recipient to add notes to, or forward, the message to his or her community.

Community alerts can be automatically routed to locally subscribed law enforcement agencies, schools, churches and even commercial companies. With a single click of a button, you can easily alert everyone affected.

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